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Where to Find and Download BIS Product Manual for Free

Product Manual Download

If you’re wondering where to find and download BIS Product Manual, read this guide below.

BIS published an important and handy document for prospective applicants as well as existing license holders that’s free for all to access. This document is called Product Manual. It contains a brief insight into the requirement prescribed for Raw Materials, Sampling requirements, Grouping Guidelines, Suggested list of Lab Equipment and Testing Infrastructure and Scheme of Inspection and Testing (SIT).

Link to BIS Product Manuals

BIS Product Manual can be accessed and downloaded from BIS website. Here’s the direct link to the Product manual page. You can also navigate from the homepage of BIS website and click on the “Access Product Manual” link there.

BIS Website

Once you are in the Product manual page, all you have to do is type in the IS Number (just the number) and from the result, click View or Download.

Product Manuals are Free for All

A lot of people are not aware of this. We thought you should know. These manuals are made for the benefit and guidance of the applicants and licensees. It also serves as an important guide to define the scope/grades and varieties in a uniform manner – talk about standardisation.

download bis product manual for free
Download BIS Product Manuals for Free at

If anyone asks you for money to access product manual, you now know where to get them for free ; ). We would encourage manufacturers to make use of these product manual so that your certification process is smooth as butter.

Do I Have to Follow Product Manual Strictly?

Well, that’s a bit of yes and no. Product manuals are guidelines to help you classify the different grades and varieties or sizes to endorse in your license. The test equipment list are suggestive and not comprehensive. You may have an arrangement that suffice for a particular test.

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That said, the SIT part of the product manuals are to be followed. The frequency of tests mentioned therein are to be followed for which records should be kept.

And there are tests which are required to be carried out in your in-house lab while some tests (mostly long duration or less frequency say once in 6 months) are allowed to be sub-contracted. The required tests are marked “R” while sub-contracted tests are marked “S”.

Sub contracting is permitted at an outside third party laboratory that has BIS recognition for that IS Number (Indian Standard number).

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