How to Download BIS License Certificate & Endorsements

If you are holding or applying for BIS License, you may be wondering how to download BIS License Certificate once license is granted to you.

For existing licensees, you may also want to download your license endorsements. Here’s a quick guide on how to go about these two.

Download BIS License Certificate

Once you have been granted license and assigned a Certification Marks License number, you will want to keep a copy of your BIS License. Here is how you can download BIS License Certificate from the official website

The process of downloading BIS License Certificate starts with grant of license. After the license has been granted to you, an official will generate your license number. After that, your license document will be prepared that mentions the validity, the product and varieties in the scope of your license.

This license certificate will be uploaded in a few days time by the staffs or officer dealing with your file. Most commonly, the certificates are uploaded in the communication with BIS tab in manakonline portal. So from there, you can easily download your BIS License certificate.

Download BIS License Endorsements

Endorsements are applicable in case of a change in the scope of your existing license w.r.t variety. It may also be issued in case of change of factory premises or renewal of your license.

While endorsements for renewals are auto-generated and can be downloaded from manakonline portal, other endorsements to your license such as change in scope of factory address are again manually upoaded.

BIS License Certificate Download

This should not be difficult as nowadays, whenever communications are sent over manakonline, the registered email receives a notification.

It is a good practice to keep checking the communication tab from time to time so as to not miss out on any important communication.

Hard Copy of BIS License or Endorsements

Hard copies of BIS License certificates are sent to the registered address of the factory. Endorsements form an important attachment to the license documents and are required to be maintained as a part of BIS document.

Since most of the activities from sending communication to making payments are now carried out online and paperless, only license document and in some cases endorsements are being sent via hard copies.

Getting in Touch with BIS Office

It’s become very easy and convenient to get in touch with any officer or staff of BIS nowadays. Although a government organisation, the people there worked in a corporate fashion and are easily approachable.

You can even get personal contact details of officers when you visit the office or during inspections etc and get an update on your application or license status.

As such, if you have any issue with your license certificate or endorsements, you can always get in touch by either visiting the branch offices of BIS or through phone and emails.

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