Apply for BIS License (Certificate of Conformity) Online Easily

Are you looking online for how to apply for BIS License or BIS Certification of your products? Are you a manufacturer of one of the products which are mandatory for BIS Certification as issued by the Government of India?

If your answer to the above question(s) is yes, you’re here at the right place. This article will guide you step by step on how to apply for BIS licence for your product.

Register at to Apply For BIS License

The process of applying for BIS License has been made online since 2018. You will have to apply from the website – the official site for all BIS license applications.

bis manakonline

Here are the steps to apply for BIS License (also called BIS Certificate of Conformity):

  • Visit Manakonline ( and click on Conformity Assessment (Manakonline).
  • On the upper right corner, click login and then follow the “Create Account” link.
  • Fill out your Brief Profile/Company or Organisation Profile and verify your registration in the email link received.
  • Log into your account and fill out your detailed Organisation profile along with upload of supporting documents.
  • Once your profile is 100% complete, you can apply for BIS License.
  • Click on Product Certification after logging in.
  • Then follow the link to “Apply for New License”

Steps to Apply for a New BIS License

You must be registered by following the above steps at manakonline and fill your company profile 100%. Follow the steps we describe below to apply for BIS License online.

  • Log in to your manakonline account
  • Select Product Certification and click on “Apply for New License”
  • Select the IS (Indian Standard) No. or if you aren’t sure, type the name of the product
  • From the dropdown list, select the relevant IS No to proceed.
  • You will have an option to apply under Simplified or Normal Procedure.
  • Upload the necessary documents wherever required such as Company registration certificate, Raw materials list, Plant Layout, Machinery list, Equipment list(refer Product Manual) etc.
  • Upload undertakings in the prescribed format and Test Report in case of simplified procedure
  • Click next and check the necessary tick box(es) after carefully reading them
  • On the next page, check the details of fees payable and proceed to payment
  • Once you complete the payment of fees (collected in advance), your application submission will be successful

You can watch the video tutorial below. It’s made by an employee of BIS so it is very simple and easy to understand.

Credit: Subhojit Saha
Step by step process to apply for new BIS License

BIS License Application is a 100% Online Procedure

Applying for BIS License is fully online process as described above. You don’t have to visit the office of BIS or submit the documents in hard copy whatsoever.

The process used to be offline where applicants submit the whole bunch of application forms along with supporting documents in the past. Since 2018, this online portal manakonline is launch, this online process started. Today it’s a totally online procedure.

Next Step After Submission of Application Online

Your application will be allotted to an Officer who will scrutinize it. You are most likely to get a call from the officer in this regard. Remember to check and fill the correct contact number and email during application in the field provided for the same.

BIS Officer will contact you to inform you any deficiencies observed in your application. He will also, in consultation with you, plan for the preliminary inspection which is the next step after submission and scrutiny of the application.

Factory Inspection, Sample Testing and Drawl

During the Preliminary inspection, BIS verifies the manufacturing facilities, the process flow and control, the in house lab testing facilities. Yes, in house testing facility is required to be maintained.

He will witness the testing of the samples lot or batch you offer according to the requirements of the relevant Indian Standard Specifications (ISS). Finally, samples of sufficient quantities will be drawn and sent to lab for testing (complete testing).

Pre-requisites for Grant of BIS License

The prerequisites for grant of BIS License includes satisfactory verification of manufacturing and testing capabilities and of the applicant, availability of competent testing personnel and conformity of the product to the Indian Standard requirements through testing of the samples drawn.

Most of the preliminary inspections can be completed in 1 day except in special cases and specialized products. The Testing time of the particular products as per relevant Indian Standard will vary based on the product.

As such, the timeline to get BIS License may vary from product to product. However, guidelines are in place to ensure that application mature to license within a quarter (3 months)

Exceptional Cases to Above Process

There are certain products whose testing are completed in the factory itself during the visits. Such products are those which are bulky and also no lab having test facility anywhere in India. Example includes, X-Ray Machines, RCC Pipes etc.

License on the above products are granted based on the complete factory testing report. No samples need be drawn however, the duration of inspection can range from 1 day to 4 days.

We will talk about the Simplified procedure in another article. This procedure takes only 30 days to get BIS License and certain list of products falls in this category.

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