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All About BIS – A Brief Insight

Brief About BIS

Here’s a brief insight about BIS. Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS is the National Standards body of India by an Act of the Parliament called the BIS Act 2016. It is a statutory body under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India.

bureau of indian standards

BIS through its various stakeholders is responsible to formulate or adapt and publish Indian Standards in the field of Consumer Products, Management Systems, Test Methods and Code of Practices.

Certification Activity of BIS – Licensing

Another important area of activity of BIS is in Certification. We will focus in this website the Product Certification schemes also called BIS Conformity Assessment scheme. This scheme is applicable for all manufacturers of consumer products. Common ones include, nut not limited to, products such Packaged Drinking Water, Cement, Steel, Plastic products such as PVC pipes, HDPE/PP bags etc.

Other BIS Activities

BIS also has its activity dedicated to Laboratory recognition and Testing of products. Then there is registration scheme for consumer electronic products as well.

With branch and regional offices in almost all states of India, BIS has accessible location in most state capitals and main cities.

Convenience and Efficiency

Over the years, the Product Certification process of BIS has undergone a transformation. Today, manufacturers can apply for BIS License from the comfort of their home or office – 100% online.

Efficiency of BIS in Grant of Licence

Visiting any Branch Office of BIS is no longer required, because in today’s fast paced technological advancement – time and resource become even more precious.

The Certification process and Grant of BIS License is not only convenient, it is efficient as well. With a stipulated timeline of 1 month for simplified process (more on this later) and 3 months for normal process, BIS aspires to be an organisation that defines efficiency in addition to standard.

BIS Website for Important Guidelines

You can learn more about BIS and other important guidelines issued from time to time at There are also branch specific portals to get localized information as well. We will talk about the process of applying for BIS Certification Marks (or ISI Mark) license in another article in detail.